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1. Is making an appointment obligatory?

No, but we still recommend making an appointment in advance.

This allows us to receive you in the best conditions for a more personalized welcome.

2. What type of products are used by Majestic Massage Institute?

We only use organic, neutral and odorless products that are tested hypoallergenic.

3. How do you ensure the hygiene of your massages and your institute?

The massage cabins and the shower are cleaned with suitable products.

After each use the towels and sheets are changed.

We pay particular attention to hygiene.

04. Can I choose my masseuse?

Yes, depending on the availability of the masseuses or if you have made an appointment in advance.

05. Do you practice sexual massages?

Of course…, no. The services are of the order of relaxation and relaxation. There is no sexual connotation. Any request to this effect, moreover, would, in the event of insistence, immediately end the session, in accordance with the legislation and our charter.

06. What if I have an erection?

Rest assured, this is a completely normal and common reaction during a sensual massage.

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