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We reserve you a unique welcome in a good mood, enhanced by a refined and warm setting.


Sensationally strong emotions.
A mixture of body to body while reciprocity in voluptuousness.
This multitude will not leave you unmoved.

From 150€ (30 mins)

Lingam massage

Our specialty, naturist massage.  But for the more modest, we offer the Sensual Lingam Massage, in order to familiarize yourself with pure massage. Very gently, our masseuses will guide you until you let go.

From 180€ (30 mins)

The Sensual:

Touch massage for pleasure above all else.
An exchange, a sharing, if you like to massage, touch, appreciate mutual touch with all respect and subtlety, sensuality is for you.

From 150€ (30 mins)


Revive the sensations of your epidermis through skin-to-skin contact, with your delicious practitioner for a harmonious fusion. A divine awakening of the senses.

From 180€ (30 mins)


Enter naturism with the Paradisiac which is inspired by the techniques of the Californian. Slow, long and fluid movements will touch your body.
Your masseuse will help your body release all tensions in absolute nudity.

From 150€ (30 mins)

4 Hands:

Four hands, two masseuses, a tenfold touch.
By working in total harmony and synergy, the masseuses will create a greater feeling of rest and relaxation.
Let’s not forget the pleasure for the eyes focused on the beauty of women and the sensuality of your naked practitioners.

From 180€ (30 mins)


Treat yourself to a balneotherapy treatment, a dip in bubble water. The combination of heat and hydromassage will provide a feeling of good.
30 minutes of Jacuzzi alone or with your masseuse the choice is yours, followed by a Sensual massage or a Carnal massage.
A bottle of champagne is offered with some appetizers to enhance your palate.

From 300€ (90 mins)

To relax and cleanse the body, all our massages begin and end with a shower which can be accompanied by your masseuse.

The massages offered by Majestic Massage are naturist massages promoting rest and relaxation. At the end of article 1 of decree n°96-879 of 08/10/1996 repealed by decree of August 4, 2004, our naturist massages must not be assimilated to medical or physiotherapy techniques. All of our body treatments and massages do not involve any sexual practice. No request whatsoever is accepted and will result in the automatic termination of the session without being able to obtain a refund.

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